Chinese New Year is the perfect time to not only invite friends and family over, but it’s also the best time to do some cleaning.

It is the time of year when most people go into a “frenzy” mode to do some house cleaning.


At AIRER Singapore, our goal is to help people get back their valuable time and commit to providing the highest level of quality and product. As the pandemic is spreading around the world, we think it will be good to understand how cleaning and disinfecting your home will help prevent the spread of viruses and diseases.

Also, what you can do to reduce the risk of infection in your home. Protecting yourself against COVID-19 starts from preventing.

In this blog, we’ll share the top 6 most important parts in your house that you need to clean asap. Below are the top few areas that tend to get the dirtiest and overlooked in the house.


Everyone clean their house thoroughly once every year simply because it is a habit or tradition they’ve developed.

After cleaning your home, you tend to feel better about yourself and appreciate your belongings more. It’s also a good opportunity to dispose and remove unwanted stuffs. Also, letting some fresh air flow through your home, something we don’t do often.

1. Washing of your curtains

Curtains are to catch dust as fly catchers are to flies. They catch dust as if it was created to. Typically, we don’t even realise how dirty and dusty our curtains are until we are directly infront of them (or when we open them). Your curtains require deep cleaning to prevent such situation from happening. Most curtains can be laundered at home but some require a large a drying rack. Curtains are also heavy compared to normal laundry and clothes. Instead of using the traditional bamboo rods, getting an automated laundry rack installed will help during the process.

Where to get such laundry rack? From AIRER Singapore of course. AIRER Automated Laundry Rack with its extended poles, can hold and hang a full-size curtain.

2. Cleaning your walls

Wall are the primary things when thinking about the most important part. Walls are rarely included on the cleaning list yet it’s the most important aspect to the overall cleanliness of your home. Who knew a flat dry surface is able to catch so much dirt throughout the year? Cleaning them at least once a year will make your whole home feel cleaner and fresher.

3. Lamps & Shades

One of the most obvious places would when dirt and dust build up on your lamps and shades. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long to clean them. During the cleaning phase, do take off the shade and clean every part of the lamp, inside and outside.

4. Deep cleaning carpets & rugs

Dirt and dust will accumulate inside you, being brought in with your shoes, on your clothes and even on pets. These will accumulate and end up on your carpets and rugs. With a good vacuum you can remove most of the surface dirt and dust, but over time it will mostly accumulate to the base of your carpet, which is difficult to remove with your normal vacuum cleaner. Environmental protection agency suggests that most carpet and rugs be cleaned every 6 months. Strongly encourage when you have young children, elderly parents or anyone with sensitive nose.

For bigger size rugs, it will be best if the house is equipped with an automated laundry system to make the process much easier. With AIRER Singapore Automated Laundry System, not only it makes hanging such rugs an easy task, with the extended poles, full sized rugs can be hung easily.

5. Washing your comforters

One place you must pay extra attention to is deep cleaning your bedroom. We spend most of the time in this area of your home. So, we will want it to be a relaxing and refreshing place to rest our heads and night. Pretty much all beds, pillows and comforters will have dust mites living on them. Dust mites are microscopic bugs that feed on dead skin cells. Washing your bed sheets on a regular basis will keep them under control. Learn more on how to have clean and fresh laundry here.

6.  Clean your mattress

Most mattress is covered by other bedding textiles so most people assume that it is always clean. But like most bedsheets and comforters, it is also covered in sweat, dead skin cells, dust and dust mites. After removing the mattress cover and sheets, don’t forget to vacuum the mattress, deodorize it with some baking soda, vacuum off the remaining baking soda, and let it air out before putting your sheets on.


Spring cleaning is a big job but it is an essential which we should do at least once a year.

AIRER Automated Laundry System make most laundry and drying of sheets and comforter much easier. Also, with the build in heater and dryer functions, even on rainy days, they can be dry within a short period of time. Our LR112 model also includes UV light disinfection, which will help in eliminating bacteria and virus on your sheets! Check out our Automated Laundry Models and their specifications here.