Steps to Fresh & Clean Laundry


Most people hate it when it comes to doing the laundry. Learning how to do daily laundry properly from sorting to folding to washing can save you time and money. Get steps for washing, drying and organizing all your clothes.

Getting Ready

When preparing to do your laundry, there are several tools and equipment you’re going to need to get it done properly and quickly. Before even starting, you’ll need the following:

1) Detergent

2) Bleach

3) Fabric softener

4) Laundry Basket

5) Hangers

6) Iron

7) Ironing board

Step 1: Sorting

When sorting your laundry, it is important to separate white with whites and colors with colors. Checking the label and understanding laundry symbols is important too. Which can be broken down into:

1) Washing in cold water

2) Washing in hot water

3) Hand Washing clothes

4) Bleach, non-chlorinated bleach or no bleach at all

You’ll want to sort clothes by following these steps:

1) Separate base on the type of clothes like shirts, socks, jeans, towels, baby clothes, bedding and etc.

2) Sort into light and dark clothes

Step 2: Choose the Right Washing Method

Not all detergents are created equal. While there are standard laundry detergents, there are also those designed for delicate laundry, high efficiency washers, etc. You want to choose the detergent that will best fit your load.

Temperature and water cycle can make the difference between clean laundry and ruined laundry. To choose the right one, follow these steps:

1) Based on the laundry symbols of your load, you will choose a water temperature: cold, warm or hot.

2) Using the laundry symbols, choose a washer cycle. The cycle can vary based on your machine, but typically include normal, gentle and permanent press. For example, delicates take a gentle cycle.

Step 3: Washing Machine

As soon as the cycle ends or as quickly as you can, you want to remove the clothes from the washing machine. Leaving clothes in the washer too long can lead to a stagnant smell and them needing rewashing. Once removed, the clothes that can’t be dried, like wool, can be laid flat or placed on a hanger. The remainder of your laundry will go into the dryer.

Step 4: Drying

You will want to promptly add your clothes to your dryer. Using too high heat on some clothes will cause them to shrink. Once your clothes are placed in the dryer, you will:

Choose the best setting for your clothing type.

Clean the lint screen of any trapped lint.

Hit start.

However, when it comes to traditional dryers, having a washer dryer is great – until one of it stops working. You can skip moving clothes between appliances and it is a great space saver when you are living in a small apartment. But besides that, the chances of it breaking down is high.

And, if you tend to use your washer dryer regularly because of large washing load, you’re better off with standalone appliances to maximise drying performance and minimise wear and tear of the machine. 

Before giving up and purchasing the traditional washer dryer combination, there is another better alternative to your home.

AIRER: Automatic Laundry System

Forget dryers, laundry racks and bamboo poles: AIRER’s automatic laundry system allows you to dry laundry up 8x faster and with just a click of a button your laundry comes to you. The advanced system features the signature Drying Technique, known for its 60°C* warm air currents that are akin to drying your laundry under direct sunlight. 

The system holds up to an average load of 40kg which is approximately 3 full loads of washing – perfect for families who do their laundry every day. You can even extend the telescopic poles which will hold king-size bed sheets on top of your garments! 

Before you start to worry about the dimensions of the system, all AIRER models should fit any standard 3-5 room HDB BTO laundry area. (Contact Us to find out more) To top things off, everything is installed to your ceiling so you never have to worry about space limitation.

All in all, discover indoor drying without the hassle with AIRER Automated Laundry System.