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Silver LR112

Premium+ Automatic Laundry Rack

Easy. Safe. Effortless

Premium+ Automated Laundry System

A robust automated system built to hold 40kg of laundry and offers a heater drying function which you can operate remotely

Air Circulators

Moreover,  with built in strong air circulators coupled with even heat distribution, that provides high drying performance that will not disappoint.

Clothes Comfort

Furthermore, bringing out the most delicate way to bring out the natural fluffiness of your clothes

Fabric Care Technology

In fact, Premium+ fabric care technology helps to loosen up the clothes fiber, allowing clothes to return to its natural fluffiness. Contains no strong ultra-violet that may cause the clothes coloring to fade.

Material and Experience

Coated on aviation-grade aluminum material to enhance the lifespan of every use and provided extra support for heavy textiles when extended. 
In any event, enjoy plenty of constant simulated sunlight and fresh air in the comfort of your home.

Touch Sensor Remote

Add-on option for our new touch sensor remote. 
Do contact your friendly sales representative to find out more.

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